The MT8000 Electrical Stimulator is a portable electrotherapy device featuring FOUR therapeutic modes: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Interferential (IF), and Russian Stim, which are used for pain relief and muscle stimulation. The stimulator sends a gentle electrical current to underlying nerves or muscles via electrodes applied to the skin. The parameters of the device are controlled by the channel buttons, with the intensity levels easily adjustable according to a user's specific needs


  • Relieve your pain with TENS

  • Therapy stimulation for your muscles in the EMS program

  • Reduce Chronic Pain & Inflammation with the IF program

  • Strengthen your muscles and alleviate spasms using the Russian Stim program

  • Dual channel device, allowing the use of four electrodes

  • Simple to operate, portable device for pain management with easy-to-read digital display

  • Four Waveforms: TENS, EMS, IF, and Russian Stim

  • Timer: 1-60 seconds with automatic shut-off, or Continuous

  • Power Source: 1x standard 9 volt battery or AC adapter

The Basic Parameters
ChannelDual channels
Wave Form

Mono-phase square pulse (TENS,EMS)

Bi-phase square pulse (IF,Russ)

Pulse Amplitude

0-100mA (TENS,EMS)

0-70mA (IF)

0-60mA (RS)

at 1000ohmload

Pulse Duration

50us-300us (TENS,EMS)

125us (IF)

Pulse frequency

1Hz-150Hz (TENS EMS)

1Hz-150Hz on carrier frequency 4KHz(IF)

20-80Hzon carrier frequency 2.5KHz(Russ)

ProgramTENS 4, EMS 3, IF 4, Russ 3
Treatment Time1-60 mins or continue
Power Supply1battery 9V or AC adapter
Size140X65X30 mm
Weight127 grams (battery included)
Standard Accessories
Adhesive electrodes (50X50mm)4 pieces
Electrodes Leadwires2 pieces
Battery (9V)1 piece
Adapter1 piece
User Manual1 piece
Carrying Case1 piece

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