The UltraRelief 2.0 joins together the two most proven techniques for pain relief - Ultrasound and TENS - into one compact and ergonomic device. With 3 modes, 3 treatment timer settings and 3 power levels the UltraRelief works to help users treat chronic and acute pain. The UltraRelief II is easy-to-use with it's ergonomic design, quick start guide and simple operation for using at home or at the office


  • Easy to Use Handheld Ultrasound Therapy Device

  • Targeted Effective Pain Relief in 3 Easy Steps

  • Technology Favored by the Physiotherapist Profession

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound Relieves Muscular Pain and Supports Healing

  • Class IIa medical device

Ultrasound Specification
Acoustic Frequency1 MHz ± 10%
Temporal Maximum Power9.6W ± 20% (duty factor: 100%)
Pulse Repetition Rate100 Hz ± 10%
Duty Factor30%, 40%, 50%
Effective Radiating Area (ERA) 4.0 cm² ± 20%
Temporal Maximum Effective Intensity2.4W/cm²
BNR (max)5.0
Beam TypeCollimated
Treatment Time5 min, 10 min, 15 min
Material of Treatment HeadAluminum Alloy
Device Dimension209(L)x53(W)x89(H)mm
TENS Specification
Output CharacteristicsConstant Voltage (CV)
Treatment Time5 min, 10 min, 15 min
Output WaveBi-phasic square waveform
Carrier Frequency (C.F.)2.5kHz
Sweep Low Beat Frequency (Beat L)1Hz, 5Hz, 80Hz
Sweep High Beat Frequency (Beat H)10Hz, 120Hz
Voltage0-15V (at 500Ω Load)
Standard Accessories
User manual1 piece
Quick Start Instruction1 piece
AC adapter1 piece
Ultrasound Gel1 piece
Carrying Case1 piece

Self-adhesive Electrode


1 piece
Electrode Leadwire1 piece

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