The ULTIMA CIRCULATION DEVICE applies clinically proven Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) through two large foot-pads, stimulating nerve endings in the soles of your feet. As a result, the foot and calf muscles contract and relax to create a pumping action. This pumping action improves the blood circulation in the legs and could help reduce swollen feet and ankles and alleviate tired and aching legs.


  • Relieve stiff & painful knees

  • Reduce swelling in knees, feet & ankles

  • Strengthen leg muscles to help support and stabilize knees

  • Greater pain-free movement

  • Advance movement of muscle by pedal exerciser

  • Big LCD display offers much convenient for operation

  • Drug-free way to actively improve flexibility

The Basic Parameters
Channel2 channels
Wave Form


Pulse Amplitude

0-80Vpp (at 500ohm load)

Pulse Duration

250us for foot stimulation

200us for body stimulation

Pulse frequency


Treatment Time5-90 mins
Power Supply

Adapter: input 100V-240V,50/60Hz;

Output: DC6V, 300mA 

or DC 6V, 4*C battery (optional)


About 1910 grams

(main device only, without battery)

Standard Accessories
Adhesive electrodes (40X40mm)2 pieces
Electrodes Leadwires1 piece
Adapter1 piece
Remote Controller1 piece
User Manual1 piece
Battery (AAA,1.5V)3 piece

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